Gregory C. Breunich

Co-Founder of The Trident Water Company. Founder and Principal, Managing Director of Club Med Academies, formerly Senior Vice President IMG (21 years 1978-2009).

Managing Director IMG Academy (30 years), Managing Partner minority interest IMG Academy LLP, Cofounder of Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, Founder – David Leadbetter Golf Academy, IMG Soccer Academy, IMG Basketball, Academy, IMG Baseball Academy, IMG International Performance Institute, IMG Academy (Pendleton School), Bollettieri Sports Medicine Institute, IMG Mountain Sports Academy (Speed Skiing, Snow Boarding, Free Style), Bollettieri Development Co., Academy Park Development Company, IMG Academy Golf and Country Club, Legends Bay Development Co., Legends Cove Development Co.

Co-Developed Sagemont Online High School (private labeled University of Miami Online High School later acquired re-named Kaplan Online High School) & Virtual Sage (online academic curriculum publishing company)

Greg was initially introduced to this technology by the co-founder of Trident (Jeff Szur) and immediately saw the benefits. He was already contemplating expanding the Academy to add a potential environmental curriculum to complement the athletic specialties. Through his experience in building athletes, he understands the importance of water and hydration.  The success of that program and the relationships he has established over the years, made the decision to build the facility an easy one as well as expanding his presence in Port St. Lucie as he did when he built IMG – in Bradenton, Florida.

Jeff Szur

Jeff is one of the Founders and the COO of The Trident Water Company.  He also Founded Drinkable Air and took the concept of the patent and developed and manufactured residential and commercial machines that are operating in over 45 countries.  He is a entrepreneur who first began analyzing the atmospheric water generator (“AWG”) market in 2007. He was a distributor of the first generation of AWG products that utilized ultra-violet light (“UV”) and filtration as a water purification method.

After personally experiencing the limitations of UV in this context, he began considering other methods of purification that would allow for a recurring purification process that could be implemented in both the water tank within the AWG and also throughout the water lines of the AWG.

As Founder of Drinkable Air he took the concept of the EviroGuard patent using ozone as the purification method.  He led the R&D and developed and manufactured residential and commercial machines that are operating in over 45 countries. Jeff attended Vanderbilt University where he studied economics and business.